Over 7300 pounds of produce donated so far!!

A Hillsborough Beautification Foundation project in cooperation with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and the Town of Hillsborough. This non-profit, organic, community garden provides fresh vegetables to shelters for the working poor who can't afford food. It is planted, maintained and harvested solely by volunteers. The garden has beautified an unsightly vacant lot, provided involvement for our residents including school children, all while achieving its primary goal of providing for those in need. 




The  Harvest Garden has many partners that allow us to be a great success.

Farm Stand

In September 2013 we held our first Community  Farmer's Market. 

Pounds of Produce Donated:  7300

To Hillsborough's Harvest Garden


For five years we have had a summer intern opportunity for high school students. They have been an amazing addition to the garden program. 

Get Involved

A great way to get involved is to Volunteer at one or more of our  Sunday workshops.

Growing produce, growing community, feeding the hungry.